Performance based Seismic Design of Open Ground Storey Building Considering Soil Effects

Dilip J. Chaudhari, Rahul S. Agarwal


Open ground storey buildings are typical and un-avoidable trend in modern construction practices. Past earth-quakes have emphasized that RC framed buildings with open ground storey are extremely vulnerable under earthquake shak-ing. Generally, bare frame analysis is used to design open ground storey buildings with a multiplication factor which varies for different codes. The flexibility of the soil below the structure is often not considered while analyzing and designing a structure. The soil structure interaction alters the response of the structure including base shear, lateral displacement and storey drift. In the present study, an extensive computational study has been carried out on a five storied open ground storey RC framed building using performance based seismic design (PBSD) procedures and standards. Nonlinear time history analysis method has been adopted. The soil has been modelled using equivalent spring constants as per FEMA 356. Equivalent diagonal strut method has been used to model the infill masonry walls. Building has been designed for selected performance objective.

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